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Personalize Our Pro-quality Custom Senior, Intermediate, Junior, Youth and Mini Hockey Sticks Designed The Way You Want Them!

At Custom Hockey Design we graphically design our composite full size and mini hockey sticks the way you want. We include player names, numbers, team logo, team name, and team colors. Tell us how you want your design to look, and we’ll provide you with the best personalized custom full size hockey sticks and mini sticks money can buy … anywhere.

Custom Hockey Sticks

Composite Custom Hockey Sticks in Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Youth

Select our one piece composite custom hockey sticks  in Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Youth sizes. The entire shaft is professionally printed with your personalized graphics using our durable high gloss micro-film vinyl material. The result is a stunningly beautiful finish that you will be proud to show off on or off the ice.

These are not novelty composite hockey sticks. Rather pro-quality sticks used by competitive and recreational hockey players world-wide. Our beautifully designed composite hockey sticks are manufactured from the same mold, using the same composite materials, under the same quality control as pro hockey sticks you’ll find in hockey stick racks of sporting goods stores anywhere in the world.

Let us design one of our pro- hockey sticks with your team logo, colors, names, and numbers.

Free Helmet Decals with the purchase of our Full Size Composite Youth or Junior size hockey sticks personalized with your team name, logo, colors, including player name and number just like the pros . Purchase either youth or junior sticks for your team and receive helmet decals with your team logo, just like the NHL player helmets.



Composite Mini Hockey Sticks

Our composite mini hockey sticks make fantastic awards and prizes at hockey banquets, tournaments, and hockey school graduations. They also make great gifts and give-aways at corporate events, parties, re-unions, and other social and business functions.

These mini sticks are graphically customized with your logo, names, numbers, and choice of design. Let Ashley, our graphic designer, create a unique custom design just for you. All our mini stick graphics are one-of-a-kind created only for you and no one else. They remain exclusively your design and you will never see them on any other sticks.

Our mini hockey sticks are 29 inches in length. That’s 2 inches longer than conventional mini hockey sticks found in sport stores. If you don’t think 2 inches makes a difference, just wait until you see and play with one.

Our graphics are printed on durable high gloss microfilm vinyl that not only gives your mini stick a stunning appearance but are also kid tested for durability. Ask about our blade decals at an extra but low price.

Similar to our custom designed hockey sticks, our pro line of custom hockey jerseys and socks will give your players and team a professional look. Just like our composite full size and mini hockey sticks, you can create your own graphics for your jersey. Select a design either from scratch or model your design after an NHL team. We will personalize your design with your team crest, team badge, and your players’ names and numbers.

Our hockey jerseys are professional quality to give your team a professional look. Don’t forget the matching socks. We will bundle your hockey jerseys both home and away colors with matching home and away socks.

Who Our Valued Clients Are:

  • Hockey teams who extend their team appearance with personalized custom hockey sticks, jerseys and socks.
  • Minor hockey teams, hockey schools, and hockey camps who award their young players with personalized mini hockey sticks including team logo, colors, and individual player names and numbers.
  • Corporations who find interesting ways to advertise and present their corporate logo with full size composite hockey sticks, mini sticks, and jerseys.
  • Non-profit organizations who provide a unique product to sell during fundraising events.
  • Social functions where great gifts are given out at parties, weddings, reunions and more…
  • Private brands and retailers who are looking for a source to supply them with customized hockey sticks, jerseys and socks designed with their own brand.
  • Individual hockey players who are looking for a unique hockey stick designed with their name, their number, their team.
  • Parents who are looking for hockey sticks for kids with personalized graphics. Kids are so proud to take to the ice with these custom hockey sticks.

“With over 50 years experience in hockey stick manufacturing, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the highest quality of graphically designed custom hockey sticks, mini hockey sticks, custom hockey jerseys and socks at the best price anywhere in the world”.

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